All of the fun and learning of Minecraft without the worry

A virtual window into your
child’s gaming and

Instant parental notification of bad language, bullying or predatory behavior

A comfortable, easy way to become involved in gaming with your child

The freedom of online
gaming with the safety of
your backyard

A fun, easy and effective
way to teach kids about
online and personal security


We help you protect your children by giving you a virtual window into your child’s Minecraft experience. Now you can encourage them to explore, learn, play and build relationships without the worry.  Our simple app turns the Minecraft universe into your backyard, so you can keep an eye on your child.


CrafterWatch gives you a real-time window into what your child is doing, who he is interacting with and what is being said, so you understand what is really going on when he is online.  You won’t spend another moment asking yourself what he does for all those hours online.  CrafterWatch makes it easy for you…even if you have no understanding of what the game is!


Now you can create boundaries within Minecraft, just like you do in real life.  As you get updates on activity, you will recognize opportunities to help your child learn about building relationships, handling unexpected developments and communicating in the way you expect them.  CrafterWatch really does turn Minecraft into your virtual backyard through patent-pending conversation analysis, so you can listen in, observe, and intervene when you feel it appropriate.


Sometimes parents have to intervene in a child’s life to protect them, from themselves or others. CrafterWatch provides you an extraordinarily flexible way to be notified of bad language, bullying and predatory behavior so you can instantly act, protecting your child and using these developments as teaching opportunities for personal and online safety.


ShellyMother of three

CrafterWatch is a great tool for parents! The website allows customization for various content levels as well as delivery methods. CrafterWatch gives nearly instant notifications which you can review online before deciding if you want to address it or not. Those real time alerts allow you to create the teachable moments that will have to most impact for you. I definitely recommend this tool to any parent who would like to remain vigilant without physically hovering.

Erik N
Erik N

DelisaMother of three

LorenFather of two

Empower Your Child to Learn, Build, Create and Safely Explore Minecraft with CrafterWatch

CrafterWatch is in beta testing and will be launched to the public on October 1.
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Tens of millions of children have installed Minecraft on computers in their parents’ homes, and many of those parents have no idea what is really going on in the Minecraft world. Even if they do, few likely have any idea of what their children are being exposed to on a regular basis. Help us help them do a better job protecting and forming their children. Share CrafterWatch with your friends, family and acquaintances.

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